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We build the stores
of the future.

Use Brownie to build your online sales strategy. and start selling around the world right away, on a storefront that truly represents you.

Our solutions

brownie go

Fast, free, for everyone.
Brownie GO offers all the features of an e-commerce platform but without the associated startup costs.

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Brownie commerce

A flexible, dynamic e-commerce platform open to integration with third-party solutions.

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Brownie enterprise

Boost your Brownie e-commerce with an integrated warehouse management system and point of sale software.

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Brownie B2B

Manage your sales campaigns independently and grow your brand.

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Want something totally custom?

Brownie is first and foremost a framework: contact us to find out what we can accomplish for you.

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The direct experience behind

A site must be "beautiful"

Brownie is the only e-commerce solution that has behind it an agency media and an international magazine with more than 10 years of experience in the world of fashion, luxury and streetwear, thus able to have a real vision of its customers' needs and their goals, online and offline.

It is also the only e-commerce solution that is also a creative agency, which offers tailor-made services of creating both the templates front-end of its e-commerce site as well as dedicated features and integrations dedicated back-end in reduced time and low cost.

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Counseling and support

Counseling and support

Brownie provides all of its clients with a dedicated support team throughout the lifecycle of your project: from design to online deployment and maintenance, you will never be left alone.

With a consultative and proactive approach you will be accompanied in the growth of your online sales project. Your e-commerce will be constantly updated with new features that will be proposed and suggested according to your needs.

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Sell anywhere, now

Brownie è nativamente multi-sito, multi-store, multi-magazzino, disponibile in 72 lingue e 32 valute. E’ in grado di gestire in maniera avanzata un geopricing reale, senza bisogno di sacrificare l’indicizzazione, permettendo di configurare infiniti listini e regole di prezzo e tassazione. Nuovi strumenti potenziati dall’intelligenza artificiale ti permetteranno di espandere i tuoi mercati grazie a contenuti e descrizioni SEO-friendly generati in maniera automatica, subito disponibili in più di 30 lingue.

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The only truly custom-built solution for you

Brownie is natively multi-site, multi-store, multi-warehouse, available in 72 languages and 32 currencies. It is capable of managing advanced real geopricing without sacrificing indexing, allowing for the configuration of infinite price lists and tax rules. New tools powered by artificial intelligence will enable you to expand your markets thanks to automatically generated SEO-friendly content and descriptions, immediately available in over 30 languages.




Connect all your favourite tools to stay in touch with your customers, manage payments and shipments and increase the performance of your online shop.

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